Marie Antoinette: Queen of Fashion — Modern Interpretations of Marie Antoinette

To finish off my series about Marie Antoinette as the Queen of Fashion, I have decided to take a look at modern interpretations of her style.

Obviously, the two most famous films rank at the top:

1) Marie Antoinette starring Norma Shearer

As befiting the period when the film was made, it was a bit over the top. This works in two ways; capturing the “Great Epic Film Era” of the 30′s-60′s as well as captures the over the top stereotype of Marie Antoinette.

2) Marie Antoinette starring Kirstin Dunst

This film is a much more modern interpretation of Marie Antoinette, which makes the audience more able to relate with her.

For a great look at all the stunning costumes from this film, visit the Costumers

Some of the costumes from the film were inspired by dresses actually worn by Marie Antoinette.

Others are obviously fun interpretations!

Aside from film, Marie Antoinette has influenced the Fashion World.

Juicy Couture recently launched a new perfume add with obvious Marie Antoinette influences! 

Alexander McQueen took on Marie Antoinette in Autumn 2010

As did Dior

Sevearl times…

When Marie Antoinette (2006) hit theatres, fashion designers were ecstatic. Many of the top names designed Marie Antoinette inspired items for the Marie Antoinette Vogue Edition.

Even shoes aren’t safe! Here’s a pair designed by Louboutin–check out the strap! (Oh, and they also come in pink!)

Marie Antoinette style weddings are a new trend.

Here’s a Marie Antoinette inspired bride from Pictures by Tracey.

And another.

Tori Spelling is even rumored to even be throwing a Marie Antoinette-inspired wedding. Sadly, that episode hasn’t aired yet so no pics!

Obviously, Marie Antoinette is still greatly influencing the world, just as she did when she was alive. She has been reinvented by the great designers of today, copied by brides, and modernized by films. I think her elegant style is just as alive today as it was back then…and isn’t going anywhere for a long time!

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